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Visualisation: Interactive Use

Ensuring Display on Local Machine

If you are running a visualisation which displays directly to your desktop machine the easiest option is to use a Linux machine or a Mac and modify your normal login to Hydra to be ssh yourusername@hydra -Y -C which directs output from Hydra to your local machine. Currently NX is not run on the Hydra head node for the benefit of Microsoft Windows users.

Choosing a Node

If you require hardware acceleration then ensure you use --partition=visual when submitting a visualisation job. Be aware that this allows only limited-length jobs. To make use of the hardware accleration then render commands will need the option -display :0

If your job does not need hardware acceleration or will be particularly long then you can use a compute node (--partition=compute-12 or --partition=compute-20 when submitting the job) and use xfvb-run to run the render commands within the job.

Examples of Usage


If you are running a visualisation via paraview you can start a ParaView client on the hydra head node. You can then run a job with sbatch that runs a ParaView server on a GPU node and connect your client to it by checking which node the job is running on via squeue .

Other visualisation

This will be very dependent on the particular visualisation package.