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Loughborough University

IT Services : High Performance Computing

Contacting Support

First Contact

Normal procedure is for you to email research-computing@lboro.ac.uk

In response you will receive an email from the Service Now request tracking system with a header starting LUNIC . This request ticket is then passed onto the research computing team and one of the members of the team will pick this up and respond and work towards a solution to the problem or query.

Do not email research computing team members as your query may not be answered (that team member may be away)

In Scope Requests

  • System failures or deficiencies

  • Jobs failing to run and basic SLURM usage.

  • Questions about advanced SLURM usage

  • Requests for package installations

  • Basic assistance with packages

  • General approach for HPC (e.g. programming language choice, job strategy).

  • Assistance with running MPI, OpenMP, programs

  • Advice on benchmarking

  • General queries

Out of Scope Requests

Useful information for a request

Please provide as much information as you can or is reasonable with a query to help us answer it quickly.

  • ID of failed job(s)

  • Location of output (standard output and standard error) where available

  • Full path to job script that failed

  • How the script was submitted, including program arguments

  • Location of data directories and files

  • Whether data files are accessible

  • Whether you are happy with research computing personnel taking copies of data and files

  • Whether you are happy with research computing personnel potentially logging in as you

  • The output of the env command

Although calls are all different the above provides a basis for investigation which generally involves looking at job records and output for obvious issues, moving on to attempting to reproduce the problem whilst logged on as a member of the research computing team to doing so when logged in as you, escalating along each step.