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IT Services : High Performance Computing

Installed Software

List of Available Software

A number of software packages are preinstalled on hydra, both commercial and free/open source.

A directory of descriptions of software and example job scripts is maintained in the:

Software A-Z.

Selecting Packages

Particular packages may be selected via Environment Module .


Note that some packages require licences. The HPC service does not provide licences for these. Your research group, department, or school must provide suitable licences and ensure that software can pick this up when it runs. Assistance on doing this is available.

Requesting Installation of new Packages

If you wish to have new packages installed please email research-computing@lboro.ac.uk.

Please provide as many of the following as you can:

  • Name of package

  • Version of package

  • Location of installer (download link, or physical media).

  • Licensing restrictions (e.g. is this restricted to a particular group of pepole which may require us set up UNIX groups).

  • Any tweaks required (particular configuration options)

  • Test information

  • Any required additional information

Whilst some packages come with test suites it is useful if you have your own test suites so you can verify that the new software works as you anticipate it.

Note that packages which require users to recompile the source to include differing functionality are hard to support as part of a centralised installation. In these cases you may need to have those installed locally, but please still approach central support for advice and tuning of compilation scripts to make best use of the software.