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Linux Tutorial Typographical Conventions

List of Typefaces and Meanings

  • command

    A command to be typed into the computer directly

  • filename

    A file name

  • directory

    A directory name

  • [key]

    A key to be pressed

  • output

    Output from the computer

Usage Examples

So, for example, ls anydirectory [Enter] means 'at the UNIX prompt, type ls followed by the name of some directory, then press the key marked Enter'

Commands are not sent to the computer until [Enter] is pressed.

Note: Linux is case-sensitve, so LS is not the same as ls. The same applies to filenames, so myfile.txt, MyFile.txt and MYFILE.TXT are three seperate files. Beware if copying files to a PC, since DOS and Windows do not make this distinction.


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